Search Engine Optimisation, Internet Marketing and Web Design Prices

Please note: all prices displayed are in Australian Dollars ($AUD) and do not include GST.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a long process that begins with analysis, then continues with modification and optimisation and ends with monitoring. And then, as your competitors catch up, you do it all over again! Please contact us to discuss our SEO pricing - it starts from $250 per month, for a minimum of 3 months. Website Analysis reports cost $150 and will give a good indication of what can be done to your site to start optimising it. Our Web Ranking report costs $75 and will tell you how you measure up to your main competitors.

Web Design and Development

Templated websites start from $450 (limited time only! Ends 30 June, 2011) and custom built sites (they're the ones we build from scratch, to your specifications) start from $750. Adding a content management system starts from $250. Prices for the packages below are for templated sites and come with FREE hosting! (Conditions apply).

Remember, when it comes to websites - in most cases - you get what you pay for. Some companies are currently running a VERY cheap promotion... but they make you pay for support - yup, they're charging for good old fashioned customer service!

bronze web design package $450
silver website designer package $825
gold web developer package $1500
Pages 5 10 20
.com Domain Name + $20 (1 year) 1 year FREE 2 years FREE
Web Hosting 1 month 3 months 6 months
Custom Graphic Design Header only Basic Package Pro Package
Optimised Images Yes! Of course! You bet!
Basic SEO & Submission Initial Report Quarterly Report
(for 1 year)
Monthly Report
(for 1 year)
Content Management System + $250 + $375 + $500
Unlimited Website Maintenance + $25 month + $65 month + $95 month
Email & Phone support Yup! Naturally! Standard!

Website Maintenance

Let Defuzz become your eMarketing department, by outsourcing your regular website maintenance tasks to us! If your website is out of date, or visually unappealing - or worse, not user friendly! - chances are that your visitors are leaving your site and going elsewhere - most likely to your competitors. An out-of-date website can result in lost sales and damage your brand, making your website a liability to your business. From adding content, to optimising, resizing and uploading pictures, to creating brand new pages, we can help you out. As websites vary in size, please contact us to discuss what is required for us to keep your website up to date. One-off updates start from $20 (although we have been known to waive this fee for the really basic stuff!).

Social Media Marketing

With social media becoming more and more important - Google is relying on the world wide buzz to suppliment it's search engine rankings! - it's never been more important to join the global conversation. We can set-up and customise accounts from the most popular social media websites out there today. Prices vary from $25-$50 for the basics, with customised Twitter backgrounds ("new" Twitter template") are $75. Facebook pages require considerable work, and these start at $150. Please contact us to discuss setting up, or implementing your social media marketing plan.

Local Area Marketing

Much like SEO, local area marketing involves research, analysis and planning before going out there and diving into the community. A mixture of online AND offline promotion, local area marketing is something we all enjoy getting involved with! Due to the specific nature of the project, please contact us to nut out a personalised local area marketing quote.

Email Marketing

An email newsletter is a great - and cost effective! - way to keep in touch with your clients, prospective buyers and suppliers. Defuzz can design an appealing newsletter format and make reccommendations on the email marketing provider to use. If you like, we can create, run and maintain email campaigns for you. Please contact us to discuss your email marketing requirements.

Web Traffic Monitoring and Analysis

Do you analyse the bahaviour of your website visitors? This can be very handy in determining exactly what people are looking for when visiting your website, which in turn should help you shape both your online and offline marketing plans. We can also track whether specialised campaigns are bringing traffic to your site, and potentially figure out a return on investment for your marketing activities. Reports are sent monthly, and typically, customers purchase 6 month lots, in order to determine any trends. Reporting starts at $30 per month. Please contact us for more information!

Branding and Graphic Design

Defuzz employs qualified graphic designers, who quote on a job-by-job basis. Please send through your requirements and we will contact you within 48 hours to discuss. Defuzz can also arrange for printing of business cards, letterhead, brochures, bookmarks, stickers, posters and other stationery at VERY competitive prices. There are also environmentally friendly recycled options!

As always, please do not hesitate drop us a line if you have any questions!