Web Design & Marketing Portfolio

Includes graphic design - advertisements, logo designs and brochures.

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web design The Paw Project website

The Paw Project
Web design and development for a charitable group aiming to bring attention to the cruel puppy factories and illegal dog breeders operating in Australia. We designed, built and donated the site, and handed it over to the chief instigator of this group to use as an advertising and educational resource for her work.
Site: http://www.pawproject.com.au

web design Summer Futebol website

Summer Futebol
Web design and development (based on an existing flyer) for a 5-a-side futsal competition. Built in conjunction with Supernova Marketing.
Site: http://www.summerfutebol.com.au

Gijima Ast Brochure Graphic Design

Gijima Ast Brochure Design

Gijima Ast
Graphic design based on advertising brochures consisting of text-heavy A4 pages full of technical specifications.

After the redesign, brochures contained marketing oriented information, in a 8 page A5 booklet format, with a call to action to visit the website or contact the company for more detailed specifications on their products.

The brochures were compiled in InDesign and the graphics work was done in Photoshop.

La Trobe International homepage La Trobe University - La Trobe International
A 6 month consulting role that covered redeveloping the International Students website. Everything from information architecture to content to imagery was changed, tested and then launched.
Site: http://www.latrobe.edu.au/international
HotDomainRentals.com HotDomainRentals.com
A website advertising a portfolio of high quality, premuim domain names available for rent - it's cheaper than buying one! We designed, developed and manage the portfolio of domains for this client.
First National Convention 2008

First National Product Spotlight

FNRE Zone Site - Hunter Valley Real Estate

Search Maximiser website template

First National Real Estate
Web Design, web development, website maintenance, web traffic analysis, search engine optimisation, email marketing and copy writing.

Defuzz founder Cindy worked full-time with First National as their eMarketing Coordinator for almost 2 years, until May 2008.

Cindy's biggest achievement during this time was obtaining a #1 Google ranking for her Hunter Valley Zone website, which was primarily buit for Search Engine Optimisation purposes.

Cindy also assisted with the continued training and support of real estate agents Australia wide, helping them not only to properly utilise their websites as a marketing tool, but providing them with basic training in Search Engine Optimisation techniques.

Cindy also built a series of website templates as a service for real estate agents who owned a portfolio of domain names that were sitting around gathering dust. Templates were built for each real estate focus area of the business: Residential, Rental, Commercial, Holiday Rentals and Fine Homes.

This was a very successful venture, with close to 100 sites being launched during Cindy's time at the company.

Also responsible for email marketing, Cindy sent out newsletters weekly and assisted with other general marketing tasks.

SMFC website concept

SMFC website concept

Ladies Day @ BJS advertisement

SMFC Bar Night advertisement

South Melbourne FC
South Melbourne is proudly supported by a number of the Defuzz team, who still consider it to be the most famous soccer club in Australia.

A handful of Defuzz employees are long-time volunteers at South, and have been involved with the club through many good times.

In conjunction with Supernova Marketing (Defuzz is kind of an off-shoot), we have designed many things for SMFC - website concepts, advertisements (posters, online and print media), tickets for functions, merchandise and clothing - the lot.

Most of the work produced for SMFC has been done on a voluntary basis (ask about our specials for charities and not-for-profits!) and we're proud to play a continuing role in the future of this Australian soccer powerhouse. Most weekends during soccer season, you can find us supporting the team (on and off the field!), rain, hail or shine.

Defuzz founder Cindy is the "semi-official-sometimes-unofficial" club photographer, taking photos that appear on the SMFC website, in Football Federation Victoria articles, Australian Greek language newspapers, and in specialised Australian soccer publications. She even plays for a team from the South Melbourne Women's Club!

We're proud to have played a part in the club that was awarded the FIFA Club Team of the Century (Oceania) award in 2010.

That's Melbourne

That's Melbourne - City of Melbourne
Whilst Cindy was studying at university, she worked part time for the City of Melbourne, looking after their major events website, That's Melbourne.

Aside from providing analytical reports on a monthly basis, and advising areas of the council about the best ways to display their content, Cindy also worked with the web development and graphic design teams on a major website redevelopment project, which resulted in a complete "reskinning" of the site (as displayed on the left).

Powerhouse Recruitment

Powerhouse Recruitment

Powerhouse Recruitment
Logo Design, graphic design and image manipulation was done to create a couple of logo concepts for a recruitment company client a while back.

The Defuzz graphic design team used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator were the programs for this project.