Website Maintenance Services

Let Defuzz become your eMarketing department! In today's economic climate, many small businesses might not find it possible to add a qualified web administrator to their staff to look after their website and make regular changes to it. We can help! From a one-off to once a week, to once a month... let us come in (either onsite* or remotely) and keep your website looking fresh to both your visitors and the search engines! The continued maintenance of your website is a vital aspect in its success - it's all part of protecting your investment.

The benefits of outsourcing your website maintenance include:

  • You won't have to go through the "hire someone" cycle!
  • Advertising the position, interviewing candidates, new employee paperwork, training... not needed!
  • No need to learn a new program, or undertake a web programming course
  • At Defuzz, we have people who have been there and done that! Get your site updated straight away.
  • Save time and money!
  • Simply email us your changes, and we'll endeavour to have them up, live and optimised, within 48 hours (depending on the scope of the change).

Updating a website can be a very time-consuming process - do you have several hours a day to invest in keeping your website up to date? If not, consider the following:
An out of date website can seriously damage your brand!

Why outsource to us?
Using skilled Defuzz staff will ensure that the work will be of a high standard - and that they'll be optimised for search engines. We will scan over your website to make sure that any changes we make are consistent to the style and tone of the site, and doesn't conflict with other published information. We will also make sure that the information is not duplicated elsewhere on the site - Google has harsh penalties for duplicate content!

Please contact us for more information on our website maintenance services.

* Conditions apply - based on your location, and our availability.