Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to promote your company or your products. From specific marketing campaigns to regular newsletters, email marketing is much cheaper to implement than a direct mail postal campaign.

Defuzz can assist you with the planning of your campaign, from the initial stages (such as identifying a target market) to developing a database of contacts (who have opted-in to receive your communications - VERY important for Spam legislation) to designing a message that will look good in a number of email programs.

We can also run and monitor an email campaign for you, via a third party provider (external charges apply). This will include the delivery of a report outlining how many of your messages were sent, how many recipients opened the message and how many of these "opens" resulted in a visit to your website.

Christmas is the perfect time of year to promote your products - or simply wish your database a happy and safe silly season!

Please contact us for more information on our email marketing services.