About Defuzz Internet Marketing

Defuzz was started after a friend struggled to find a professional, affordable web designer in Melbourne to build her small business website. After receiving quotes ranging between $10,000 - $50,000, she approached our Director of Chaos, Cindy, and said "you're a web administrator, why don't you build websites after hours?"

Cindy thought this was a great idea, and one day after work - she's been employed by some big name companies as a web designer, administrator, marketer (etc) since she left University with her Multimedia degree firmly in hand - sat down with this unnamed-on-request friend, and started nutting out a strategy to provide small business around Australia with an avenue to get their hands on a good looking, functional website - and all designed to fit into tightly squeezed marketing budgets.

And so Defuzz, the web marketing studio that specialises in Small Business Web Design, Local Area Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, was born...

... And was promptly blown away by all the people out there calling themselves web marketing companies who "guarantee" results. Seriously?! Now, unless people at these companies actually worked for Google once-upon-a-time and know the secrets of the ranking processes (and we don't think that's the case!), these promises are useless. Sure, there are techniques which work. We use a bunch of them here at Defuzz. Good ones - ones that adhere to Google's guidelines and make your website a happy place for the surfers of the web. There are also unethical techniques and these are the ones that'll get your website booted from the search engine so fast that you won't even notice it. So, whilst we don't offer meaningless guarantees, we do promise to do our best - and to do it ethically - to make your online presence worthwhile.

Defuzz has a qualified web design and development team AND a graphic design team, which are made up of a "permanent" team leader, and a handful of local and offshore freelancers. This makes us different to some other companies, whose web designers claim to be graphic designers AND internet marketers. Our "Defuzz-ifiers" are all trained in their respective fields, with a minimum tertiary qualification, and we're pretty strict about our screening process.


Websites today are a major factor in consumer research and decision-making. Although your product or service may be excellent, old or out-of-date websites are often detrimental to your company's image - making your website a liability, not an asset. An out-of-date website can result in lost sales and seriously damage your brand.

If you already have a website, ask yourself - is it one that you're proud to refer clients and customers to? Does it match your company's branding and provide an appropriate "online shopfront" for your business? Does it portray your company as up-to-date and professional?

This is where Defuzz can also help. We're more than happy to "re-skin" existing websites and offer web maintenance services for those companies who don't have the resources to employ full time staff to look after their web communications needs.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.